Best Dating Website for the Lesbian Community

Though the barriers placed on the lesbian and gay community are being eliminated with time, they still don’t get to date as easily as straight men or women. This is the reason that lesbians still prefer online dating more. If you are among such lesbians and you are looking for the best dating website for the lesbian community, then you need to read on. Here we have analyzed a few top websites that give you the liberty to choose the best according to your needs.

  • OKCupid for Lesbians

This website is a cool option because it allows you to choose from different identity options that include genderfluid, cis woman, bigender and many others. You are also list your orientation as demi sexual, lesbian, homoflexible, queer and more. The users are also protected from harassment as they can choose to not been seen by straight people which is a blessing for most lesbians who are tired of the taunts and jokes.

  • Lesbotronic

This website is on this list because it’s totally free. It’s a totally lesbian owned and operated website which means that the owners understand your needs and wants better. If you want to try it then do make another email account as you can contact members through email only. Though a bit traditional, this method of communication is rather exciting for some people.

  • LDate

This website might seem outdated but it’s not a scam site. It has a secure sign up process and a simple profile setup and match selection process. The search is quite limited for free members and so, you need to work hard to find a match. The profile filters are rather unique as you can sort people on the basis of a person’s distance, age and last login as well.

  • LesbianPersonals

If you want something casual and not a long term or committed relationship then this website is perfect for you. As most of the people here are looking for one-night stands or casual meets, you need be prepared to find a lot of adult content on the profiles.

Top Gay-Friendly Cities in the World

Though there are many parts of the world where people who belong to the gay and lesbian communities are not welcomed and discriminated, the world is not a bad place. There are many cities where gays, lesbians, transgenders, and bisexuals are given a lot of respect. If you want to explore them further then do check out our list of top gay-friendly cities in the world.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

This is a great place to visit or live in for people belonging to gay and lesbian communities because you get the freedom to be who you are. Here, the person who offends people belonging to gay and lesbian communities can be fined up to 140,000 euros. When exploring this wonderful city, do visit Gayxample, it’s a gay neighborhood that boasts of many gay and lesbian clubs, bars, and restaurants.

  1. San Francisco, USA

People belonging to gay and lesbian communities are always welcome to add to the largest and most prominent LGBT communities in the world present in San Francisco. The gay neighborhood of this city is called Castro. According to facts, over 15 percent of the city’s population is gay, and here you can find more drag queens per square foot as compared to any other city in the world.

  1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin has been home to the most lively and advanced gay subculture in Europe since the 1920s. What makes this city attractive for people belonging to gay and lesbian communities is the gay nightlife that includes scores of bars, saunas, festivals, balls, carnivals, and long-lasting celebrations. It hosts Folsom Europe fair in September and the Lesbian and Gay City Festival in June that are unmissable events.

  1. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a little slice of heaven for people belonging to gay and lesbian communities because of its year-round sunshine, liberal mindset of people and white sand beaches that lures travelers from all parts of the world. You can find many gay bars, nightclubs and gay beaches here and prowl them all to find a new partner or have fun with your existing partner.

What are the Most Popular TV Shows with Lesbian Themes

People who belong to the lesbian and gay communities don’t often have much interest in TV shows ruled by straight characters. If you are among them, then you should consider watching the TV shows mentioned here. The list we have compiled is the answer to the question of what are the most popular TV shows with lesbian themes.

The Fosters (2012 – 2018)

If you want to spend time in watching a cute, fun and meaningful show, then you can invest your time in this show that tells the tales of lesbian foster parents and their kids who often get into a lot of trouble. There is also a tertiary trans boy character in the show that would add to the reasons to watch this show.

Orange is the New Black (2013 – Present)

This show has lots of females and uncountable queer characters in it. The story revolved around the agenda to expose the draconian absurdity of a prison-industrial complex. The story and the acting potential of the stars like Ruby Rose, Samira Wiley, and Lea DeLaria will make you fall in love with this Netflix original.

Sense8 (2014 – 2017)

The directors of this amazing show have confirmed that every character in the show is pansexual. This show has sprawling Sci-fi epics that would hook you from the first episode. It also has a transgender female character who is in an interracial relationship with another woman. The show also has two lesbians and a gay male couple to add to the spice.

Everything Sucks! (2018 – Present)

This how is centered on a tomboy who has a crush on an alternateen drama queen. The life of the teenagers in the show is simple as they are in the 90s and don’t have access to smartphones yet.

Pretty Little Liars (2009 – 2017)

This show had a lead lesbian character in 2010 who survived to be gay for the entire season. It was an accomplishment 8 years back. The show’s love for lesbians grew rapidly, and by season six there were eight bisexual or lesbian characters in it.

One Day at A Time (2017 – Present)

This show revolves around three generations of a Cuban American family that has a daughter who admits to being lesbian and had a queer relationship in too.